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We at Alivint are a comprehensive broker for your individual or group life, health, home and auto insurance needs.

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With over 25 years of combined professional experience our goal and motto is to help you get what you need, BEFORE you need it!  We strive to meet every clients individual and ever evolving needs

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Our Services

Life Insurance
Term vs. Permanent Life Insurance – what kind do you need? Our life certified agents are trained to help you make the difficult decisions of ‘who’ or ‘how much’ your survivor(s) need in the event of the unexpected.

Health Insurance

With all the complexities involved with health insurance and the fact that it is absolutely FREE to use an agent, please give us a call to allow one of our ACA, or “Obamacare” Certified agents help you find the plan that best fits your family’s or business’ needs.

Home Insurance
For most of us, one of our greatest assets is the roof under which we live. Protect your home with one of our many carriers who are anxious to earn your loyalty.

Auto Insurance
Whether it’s your first car, your mid-life crisis, ATV or pretty much anything that has a motor – we’ll find the right insurance provider to cover you while on the move!

Liability Insurance
Ignorance is not always bliss. Don’t get caught red handed where a lawsuit could be the end of your business. Please allow us to assess your risk exposure and create a plan with the protection you need.

Business Insurance
Disability Insurance
Every 90 seconds someone files for bankruptcy in the wake of a serious illness. Disability Insurance is designed to insure your income so that you can still put food on the table and keep the roof overhead in the event of a catastrophic incident.

Medicare is no exception to the confusion felt when evaluating all the different medical options for yourself or a loved one. “MA plans, MAPD, PDP’s, Medigap, Plans A-N”…it gets confusing. There is no additional cost to use an agent, so call us today to help you sort it out.

Illness / Accident Insurance
Traditional insurance is designed to pay the doctors and hospitals instead of you. But when we say “instead of you”, we literally mean they get the money, not you! Aflac, Colonial, Washington National and many other carriers are specifically designed to pay you CASH to help you get back on your feet!

Dental/Vision Insurance
Having dental insurance pretty much “forces” you to see the dentist on a regular basis in order to keep those pearly whites! Those that don’t, tend to procrastinate and end up spending more in dental services down the road. Vision, you ask? Well, glasses just make you look smarter!

Will & Trust
When the “inevitable” occurs, how will your family, home and other precious assets be affected? Wouldn’t you rather decide how your estate will be divided? Call us TODAY and see how you can save over 60% on your Will & Trust package!

The “Affordable Care Act” may-or-may-not be “affordable” to you. Where health insurance carriers used to rate your policy according to your health, today they rate it according to your income. Call us today to see your options beginning along with your New-Year’s resolutions.


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